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            Influence of exterior wall coating construction weather

            Rain effect: if the paint drier when it is not completely dry, it will adversely affect the formation. Not only should we pay attention to meteorological conditions during construction, but we should also pay attention to meteorological conditions even after construction. If it is rained before construction, if there is moisture in the base surface, the moisture content will be increased. Before the rain, the base surface part of the construction will be covered with a canopy, so that it can be constructed continuously. It is absolutely impossible to construct on the base level with moisture content above the specified standard. If the construction is not carried out according to the operation rules, the coating will be stripped.
            Humidity effect: when humidity is high, construction will slow down, and ventilation should be noted. When humidity exceeds 30%, construction should be stopped. Due to meteorological conditions, poor construction effect is concentrated in winter. Special attention should be paid to local meteorological conditions at that time.
            The influence of wind: the gale weather should be stopped, especially at low temperature. Because of the wind, the wall temperature will drop even lower than the temperature. In order to prevent the influence of wind, we should pay attention to covering cloth.
            Effects of temperature: first, do not work before and after temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius and before and after rain. Secondly, the temperature difference between day and night and noon is too big, and the night cold until noon did not warm over the wall not construction, otherwise it will cause a bad secret, so it is necessary to pay attention to.